ILTM Snake Vicky Wild Pant




I Love Tyler Madison is made with the best quality vegan leathers and suedes. We adore this brand for its amazing fit and comfort. We also love this brand is a supporter of the SPCA and ASPCA in the constant fight for animal rights. These snake pants serve as a flattering body shaper as well.

I Love Tyler Madison stands for self worth, self love and self respect. ILTM wants women to feel as good as they can in ILTM clothes, embracing their uniqueness along the way. the same pair of pants can look completely different on five different girls- and we love this. this is one of the reasons that our pants are pull on. we don’t want girls to stress over something as silly as the “top button challenge.” just pull on our slimming, easy to wear pants and you’re good to go.

as animal rights activists and true devotees of canine rescue missions, i ♥ tyler madison is a proud supporter of the spca & aspca. after all, our pups are pretty much our silent (or loud barking) third and fourth business partners. who knows where we’d be without their acceptance. probably fighting with a top button in a fitting room somewhere.

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